Our Values

Seven Essentials For the Mission

These values create the necessary context required to promote effective decision making. Thus, whenever the leadership constructs long range goals, short term objectives, and implementation strategies, it must do so in a manner consistent with these seven values. 

Biblical Authority

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to conforming to the full authority of the Scriptures which alone are sufficient for life and godliness. It seeks to submit itself to the proclamation of the whole counsel of God, to the regular exposition of biblical passages, and to the truths it proclaims.

Genuine Worship

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to exalting the matchless reputation of God through worship that is in accordance with biblical teaching. The essential elements of this worship are the reading of Scripture, preaching and teaching the Bible, reverent observance of the ordinances, participation in common prayer, and singing to God’s glory.

Ethical Integrity

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to developing a ministry characterized by ethical integrity as evidenced through honest communication, mutual accountability, and responsible stewardship. Its membership desires genuine relationships that characterize all of its life.

Evangelistic Fervor

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to fulfilling the “Great Commission” by equipping its members for personal evangelism, supporting and praying for missions at home and abroad, and praying for spiritual revival. 

Ministry Training

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to equipping its members for the work of Christian ministry through education in the Scriptures. This training is intended to enable members to serve and edify fellow believers through the employment of their spiritual gifts in discipling relationships. 

Community Atmosphere

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to develop a community atmosphere characterized by mutual love and prayer for one another. The members encourage one another to bear each other’s burdens, to serve and strengthen individuals and family units by demonstrating Christ’s love through hospitality to all. 

Cultural Engagement

Piqua Baptist Church commits itself to shaping its members to a counter-cultural society formed by God’s Word and Spirit for the common good. We seek to sacrificially serve our neighbors and enemies, working for the physical and spiritual good of those outside our church. We work for our neighbor’s peace, security, and well-being, loving them in word and deed.