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FEBRUARY 15, 2017



To think, we have just come off of Valentine’s Day, filled with flowers, candy, dinner out, romance and special gifts for those we love.  While we all enjoy this season of life….especially if we have someone to share it with…… the world seems to have a different outlook on “life” these days.  Whether it is the daily life, the political life of a person, our social life, spiritual life, emotional life………..or the “life” of the unborn………..everyone seems to have an opinion.


Unfortunately, and sadly, very few people seem to care about the most important opinion on life for all of us, from the most important source for all of us……….what does GOD think about all of life?


GOD cares about the life of everyone, at every stage of life from the very instance of procreation until the last breath of every person, GOD is always there wanting the very best for us even when we can’t see HIM, hear HIM, or touch HIM.  He promises to never leave us or forsake us, HE promises to those who love HIM an abundant life, an eternal life in Heaven, and riches beyond our imagination.  HE understands our sorrow, HE delights in our faith in HIM, HE waits patiently to hear from us each day, and HE loves the fact that we trust HIM to do “exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think.”


Sometimes “life” makes no sense to us on so many levels, and that is when our faith and trust in the ONE who created us becomes so important.  We must admit we are limited in so many ways, and what we think we want is not always what HE wants for us.  To be sure, heartache and sorrow are things we do not ask for or want to experience, but ultimately the day will come when we will understand the “whys” of our life here on earth.


In the meantime, during this season, remember that the true “lover of our soul” knows what is best, and HE gives to us what we need, not always what we want.  HIS heart bled for us on the Cross through HIS Son the Lord Jesus Christ.  HE gave HIS all to give us eternal life.  HE showed us true love…………… HE  did at Calvary, HE does every day, and HE always will……..for eternity.

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